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April 2019

Dental Resource Guide to Help Special Needs

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Recently, my sister in law had to take my nephew, who has Down Syndrome, into the dentist and it was not a very good experience for either of them! My nephew has a fear of new people, and can get confused really easily so he did not understand what was going on. My sister in law didn’t know how to explain the situation very well, so they were both upset and scared throughout the entire experience.

I work with Dr. Greg Grillo here at Dentably and when I told him about my nephew’s experience he decided to do something to help my sister-in-law and others who are going through the same thing.

Together, we created a thorough resource guide to help other families with special needs children, teens or even adults who have gone through rough experiences at a dental office. We have also included an option to print this resource guide to share with families, along with a printable guide with questions to ask your dentist before the appointment. There is also a link to a Spanish version on there as well.

Down Syndrome & Dental Care – A Guide for Caregivers and Family Members

Take Care, Jami Brown