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August 2023

Welcome, Power Financial Credit Union, for your Silver Sponsorship!

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Thank you, Power Financial Credit Union, for their new Silver Sponsorship! We look forward to working with you. Thank you for supporting our Step Up 4 Down Syndrome 2023 Walk and the Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization!

Welcome to the family.

Thank you, 501st Legion: Everglades Squad!

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Thank you to our Cosplay friends, the 501st Legion: Everglades Squad who have made their appearance every year for our SU4DS Walk! This group attends dressed in full Star Wars garb, ready to take pictures with their fans! They are a wonderful addition to our event, and we appreciate the time these volunteers take to be with us! You can find our more information from their Facebook and Instagram- search Florida Garrison. We appreciate your Squad and your support of the Step Up 4 Down Syndrome Walk and the Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization!

Thank you, Museum of Discovery & Science, for Sponsoring our SU4DS Walk!

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We are pleased to welcome our new partner to the Step Up 4 Down Syndrome 2023 Walk, the Museum of Discovery and Science! In addition to their generous in-kind donation for our raffles, they will be sending their STEMobile to our event.
Thank you for supporting Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization, and our Step Up 4 Down Syndrome Walk! We appreciate your partnership.
Museum of Discovery & Science/Autonation IMAX Theater:
Our Mission
Connecting People to Inspiring Science.
Inclusivity Statement
The Museum of Discovery and Science welcomes individuals from all walks of life to visit, experience, connect and discover inspiring science. We support all family structures, creating a culture of hospitality where diversity is celebrated. Our doors are open to everyone: individuals and families with physical, sensory and emotional disabilities and disparities in education, social and economic status. We embrace our truly diverse community of various ethnicities, religions, gender identification and sexual orientations. All are welcome here.

Our first doubled donation! Who will be next??

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Our gratitude to Dave Plotnik from A.A.I. Golf Cart Transport Service, for a donation of $250 towards our $10K Challenge! Thank you, Amy Britton for your connection, and support of the Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization. You have just doubled your donation to $500 for our organization. Thank you so much!

Welcome our newest Bronze Sponsor, Shirley Lopez!

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Thank you to Shirley Lopez for her Bronze Sponsorship of our Step Up 4 Down Syndrome 2023 Walk! Shirley is a BGCDSO Member and Author, who is excited to share her new book called, Liz and the Heart Doctor, with the Down syndrome and other Exceptional communities!
Introducing “Liz’s Journey,” a heartfelt series inspired by my daughter, Elizabeth. Join her as she shares her beautiful story of growing up as a young schoolgirl. Laugh, relate, and discover how much she’s just like you! From her love for ice cream, dancing, and play, to cherishing moments with family, her joyous life is an incredible blessing. As a mother of four, my days revolve around my children’s activities and our family business. I’m passionate about sharing my experiences as a mother of special needs, and these cherished books about Liz are a way to convey it all. More children’s books based on Liz’s journey coming soon at Home – Above The Clouds & Stars ( Stay tuned!