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Gustavo Earns Green Belt

By April 13, 2017BGCDSO Families

Gustavo has come a long way since he started training at Mixed Martial Arts Center!

Gustavo’s coach, Sensei Pedro Font, says he’s a great student and one of his best students. He does’t consider him a great kicker, a great grappler or a great striker as a great student. Those are all great skills to have but Gustavo excels in Mindset, Mastery, Attitude & Character says Coach Font. Those are the qualities that, to his coach, make a student great. All qualities that Gustavo displays.

More than anything Coach Font is impressed by his personality. Gustavo is a gentle warm hearted boy who is 100% courageous, limitless and has such a beautiful outlook on things. He has an undeniable ability to tackle multiple tasks with ease. He finds it remarkable to see him take on, and excel, two different martial arts styles simultaneously.

Coach Font firmly believe that Gustavo can even become one of our volunteer instructors and is excited about that possibility.

Great job Gustavo! BGCDSO is very proud of you! Keep up the great work!