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Thank you Bang Energy!

By September 5, 2022Uncategorized

Thank you to Bang Energy for their in-kind donation of their energy drinks to pass out to our walkers, and for some of their merchandise and products to make a basket for our Step Up 4 Down Syndrome 2022 Walk raffle! We appreciate your support and look forward to trying your products!

Initially we focused on sports nutrition supplements but have rapidly expanded into the ready-to-drink muscle building and performance-enhancing beverage market. Bang Energy beverages, such as Redline Xtreme®,  Protein Rush®, Bang® and Redline Black Diamond™ are designed to radically improve performance, increase muscle and improve appearance. VPX currently has a staff of 167 employees in its 102,000 square-foot facility where every aspect of its products are created – from research and development to manufacturing to sales and marketing. The results have continued to be successful — Bang Energy’s beverages are now available in all 50 states through various distributors. In several states, its distributor network is vast, such as California which boasts a network of 15 direct store distributors as well as five in Texas and four in Georgia. Currently, its beverages can be found at many retailers, such as Quik Trip, 7-Eleven, Ralph’s and Chevron outlets. Bang Energy products are also sold in 37 countries worldwide.